Demo Ladder

Below is an example of a Standard Ladder (click here to view an example Points Ladder) where on beating a higher ranked opponent the winner will advance to the losers current rung consequently pushing them down a position.

You can click on the name of a Player to view their ladder profile detailing their match history.

The profile fields (in this case Location and Organisation) can be customised in the administrators area, as can the colour theme of the Ladder.

Position Player Location Organisation
1 Luke Skywalker Tatooine  
2 Darth Vader Death Star The Empire
3 Obi-Wan Kenobi Tatooine Jedi
4 Princess Leia Alderaan The Republic Senate
5 R2 D2 Naboo  
6 Darth Sideous   Galactic Empire
7 Mace Windu Coruscant Jedi
8 Jar Jar Binks Naboo  
9 C3PO Tatooine  
10 Yoda Dagobah Jedi
11 Count Dooku Geonosis Separatist Movement