Demo Ladder 2

Below is an example of a Points Ladder (click here to view an example Standard Ladder) where points are allocated to players (or teams) when a match is reported. In this case the winner is awarded 3 points and the loser receives 1 point.

You can click on the name of a Player to view their ladder profile detailing their match history.

The profile fields (in this case Location and Organisation) can be customised in the administrators area, as can the colour theme of the Ladder.

LONDON 2012 Olympic Games - Men's Handball Competition

Position Player Location Organisation Points
1 Croatia Europe   15
2 Iceland Europe   13
3 Sweden Europe   13
4 Denmark Europe   13
5 France Europe   13
6 Spain Europe   11
7 Hungary Europe   9
8 Tunisia Africa   9
9 Argentina South America   7
10 Serbia Europe   7
11 Great Britiain Europe   5
12 Korea Asia   5